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Heating & Cooling Financing Programs for Small Business

Having an operational heating and air conditioning system is mission critical for businesses. It not only creates a comfortable environment for customers and employees alike but is essential in countries like Canada were the seasonal swings go from extreme heat and humidity to colder winter weather. In addition to creating a comfortable environment for customers, it is a proven fact that people that work in an office were there is an ideal temperature, they make fewer mistakes and are able to concentrate better on tasks.

So what happens if you have an issue with your heating, air conditioning or boiler systems for your business?


Our Customers:

Delivering equipment financing solutions to commercial entities large and small, here are just a few types of businesses that have upgraded their buildings using Jocova Financial’ s equipment leasing Program and HVAC Financing program:

  • Property Managers & Landlords
  • Condominiums & Strata Corporations
  • Restaurants & Hotels (Hospitality)
  • Healthcare Centres
  • Retail Stores


Program Highlights:

Accountant friendly lease to-own agreements allow Canadian Businesses to upgrade the functionality of their buildings/properties at prices they can manage with equipment financing options:

  • Flexible payment terms up to 72 months (6yrs)
  • Low $10 end-of-term buyout
  • No money down, O.A.C.
  • Fast Credit (same day approvals)

Jocova Financial offers a 100% turn-key equipment financing solution that covers all equipment, service and installation related costs for your building/property upgrade!


What Can Be Financed:

All types of heating & cooling related equipment including but not limited to:

  • Furnaces & Boilers
  • Air-Conditioners & Heat Pumps
  • Rooftop Units
  • Water Heaters


All installation related soft costs including:

Installation, Controls, Electrical, Plumbing and Duct-work.


HVAC Equipment Leasing Advantages:



By reducing costs on your energy bills, your company could increase productivity and reduce operating costs sufficiently to offset the cost of financing.  Ask us about solutions we’ve delivered that actually made our clients’ money.


By preserving your working capital, leasing enables your business to earn a higher rate of return than could have been achieved if working capital was used to acquire depreciating asset.  Also, unlike most outright purchases (HVAC Upgrades), leasing does not typically require a down payment.  100% of the project is financed.  Furthermore, if the chosen Contractor requires money down… Jocova will take care of that for you!


In many instances, leasing provides a business with income tax benefits by allowing them to expense lease payments rather than depreciating them as a capital cost.


All Jocova Lease to-Own Agreements assume a $10 purchase option at the end of the chosen term.  There are no residuals, no fees and no surprises.  The leased product/assets are your yours for $10.


Our Story:

Jocova Financial is a recognized leader in providing equipment financing and equipment leasing solutions to small businesses throughout Canada. Our core area of expertise is helping Manufacturers, Distributors, and equipment Dealers grow their business by providing their customers with fast, simple, and low rate financing options. In addition, we work directly with small and medium-sized businesses to help them secure the equipment and software they need with the best equipment financing options.

Let’s get started!  Contact us today for a free lease to-own proposal.

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Let’s Get Started!  Contact us today for a free lease (to-own) proposal.




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